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The Members


The Sopranos 

Our soprano section sing the highest parts in the choir. Their role is to (for the majority of the time) sing the tune and add descants to our pieces. We recommend that anyone with a higher voice sings with our lovely sopranos.

The Altos

Meet the alto section. Their vocal range is slightly lower than the sopranos, so they usually sing a harmony part which supports the melody. They might also sing the tune if the song has a lower register.


The Tenors

Next up are our tenor section which is made up of women with lower voices and men with higher voices. The tenors usually add to the harmony which supports the tune, but sometimes also gets to sing the melody. Our Musical Director Simon Wookey is a tenor and would argue (of course!) that this is the most important section of a choir.

The Basses

Last, but by no means least, our bass section which is the foundation of the choir. The bases sing the lowest parts, creating the building blocks of all the chords. Like all the other sections, they occasionally get the tune, but for the majority of the time will sing the lowest harmony line. We recommend anyone with a low vocal range to sing with our bass section.


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